15 Pairs - Bella Clear Vision Contact Lens - Punjab Optics

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These contact lenses are the best choice for nearly everyone who needs vision correction, doesn’t need to wear glasses, undergo surgery, or who want to wear them just for fun. The lens material will best satisfy all your needs. So, say good bye too spectacles and eye surgeries, and welcome these daily wear and extended wear contact lens.

Key Features:

  • Type / Disposable
  •  BC / 8.6
  •  Diameter / 14.2
  •  Water content / 45%
  •  Design / Aspheric (Primary and Secondary aberration) Provides HD vision in low light
  •  Material / Highly permeable to oxygen Innofilcon A / Non-ionic, low deposit profile
  •  UV filter / UV A, UV B
  •  Wetting agent / Sodium Hyaluronate
  •  Packaging / Box of 6 lenses
  •  Modality / Each Pairs for 1 Month / Total 3 Months
  •  Validity: Two Months
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